Welcome Bonita Vista HS Percussion Students and Parents! 

There are many opportunities to be involved in the ensemble throughout the year and there is no requirement to be enrolled. Anyone in the Bonita Vista area is welcome to audition including students from BV Middle.  During the first semester, students participate in the marching band, parade band, holiday concert percussion ensemble, and concert band. In the spring, students students can venture into solo performance, small ensembles, small group show design, found percussion ensembles, jazz band, indoor marching percussion ensemble, cadet band, concert band and wind symphony.

To Excel 

is to continually perform.

Not for a moment or moments.

Not for a day or days.

But to perform day after day,

month after month,

and to make that uncommon performance look commonplace.

To Excel is to take the inner drive

of competition and not only embrace it,

but master it.

It is no wonder then, that when one truly excels,

one is known for excellence.

It cannot be taught, or legislated, or willed into existence.

It must come from the very depths of an

individuals desire to be the best.

- Anonymous -


Alberto Cabrera
BVHS Percussion Instructor 

BVHS Percussion Instructor


Battery Exercises and Warm Ups

We will be doing a lot of reading in these books. Please check them out. 




Stick Control




150 Rudimental Solos



Audition for any section will always require a solid foundation with these few things:


Be able to play each pattern with a metronome for an extended period of time (2-5 minutes) while marking time. 


This includes basic sticking's both in double and triple time    

                                                                         RLRLRLRL,      RRLLRRLL,       RLLRRLLR,


                                                                          LRLRLRLR,       LLRRLLRR,      LRRLLRRL,


                                                                          RLRRLRLL,       RLLRLRRL,      RRLRLLRL,


                                                                          RLRLLRLR,       RRRLRRRL,    RLLLRLLL


                                                                          LLLRLLLR,         LRRRLRRR,     RRRRLLLL


Stroke Type and Height Control

  • Down Strokes, Upstrokes and Rebound Strokes  

  • Accent Tap, Dynamic Variations 

  • Timing    

  • 16th Note Grid, Triplet Grid