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Scott Lang Leadership Conference

There's an AMAZING opportunity available for you next weekend. The Scott Lang Leadership Workshop is on Saturday, August 4th from 1pm-4pm @Eastlake High School! (see:

We have 40 spots available. Current leadership will get the first seats, and then we will open it up to anyone who is interested in Club Blue leadership in the future, and then if there are any spots left we will open it up to everyone else.

Cost is $13 per person, but don't worry if that's an issue. Just let me know ASAP and we'll take care of it. This is so important, I don't want money to be an issue.

Please encourage the rest of our band to go as well! We don't want to see any of those 40 spots vacant! Let's get a great start to our year!

(Don't worry about registering. We've already taken care of that part. Just let us know if you plan on attending.)

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