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Regularly Needed Donations

The following items are needed on a regular basis in order for Club Blue to run fundraising concessions stands. We run two stands at every home football game. The amounts listed are the minimum required each week. If you would like to donate any of these items, please bring them in the Wednesday evening prior to the football game (except for ice, which will need to be brought in at 5 pm the day of the game.

Ortega Que Bueno! Nacho Cheese Sauce

4-8 6lb 10oz cans

La Fortaleza Tortilla Chips

4-12 3lb Packages

Candy Variety Packs

2 boxes Full size variety packs, usually contains 20 bars/packages

Nissin Cup Noodles

Two 12 pack cases

Carnation Hot Chocolate Packets

One 50-pack carton


20 7lb bags (available at Dollar Tree $1 per bag)

Water by the Case

Four 16.9oz cases per game


Two 20oz cases per week

Mountain Dew

One 12 pack

Sprite / 7-Up

One 12 pack


One 12 Pack

Diet Coke

One 24 pack case


One 24 pack case


One 24 pack case

Dr. Pepper

One 12 pack

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Club Blue Program & Booster Wish List

50 ft extension cords

January 01, 2020

Needed for every competition and fundraising event that we hold throughout the year. So far, generous families have allowed us to borrower each week, but it would be wonderful to have a few that belong to Club Blue directly.

Rolling Tool Box

January 01, 2020

We use this at every competition to carry all of the grooming and first-aid supplies necessary to carry for the students. Unfortunately, our old one has reached the end of its life and we are in need of a replacement.

100 cup Coffee Urn

January 01, 2020

Used at all football games and other events where hot water is needed either to sell concessions or to prepare food for the students.

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