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Note to CLUB BLUE Parents:

South Bay Classic Field Tournament needs your help on the day of the event, as well as for food and equipment donations!! f you are hesitant to volunteer because you want to be able to see your child perform, please remember that Club Blue performs at this event, BUT we are *not*competing.


The following volunteer positions need to be filled in order for the tournament to run smoothly and efficiently. Please click on the volunteer application below and choose the top three jobs you would like to volunteer to do!



Bus Check-In Table

-Confirm name of school and number of busses and any support vehicles present as they arrive and radio the lot to inform that they are here.  


Check-In Table

-Your job is to have all the maps and schedules available on campus and know how to direct people to wherever/whomever they need. You are the answer table and primary check-in for Directors. You will have extra copies of forms if needed.


Concessions Table

-Sell concessions items at a table near concessions.  Have guests pay at the table and give them the ticket


Concessions Serving

Prepare and serve concessions throughout day



Assist Hospitality committee with set-up and breakdown/clean-up of hospitality room. Serve food to Director's and staff. 


Ticket Booth

- Sell tickets and wristbands to spectators and additional chaperones for the bands. You will have campus maps for guests.  Also, monitor the volunteers to prevent guests from entering stands during performances.

Judges Box

- Take the school's forms from the runner and deliver to the announcer. Make sure Judges have everything they need throughout the day, water, pencils, etc.  Help with names and pronunciations with the MC. Send/Call for runner as needed.


Parking Lots

- Bus Check In- Will radio when a school has arrived, confirm you are ready for them.


Gate Keepers
-Ensure only authorized persons are allowed through the gate


-Meet with Director upon arrival, assist schools with throughout day to keep them on course.

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